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singer - storyteller - musician

It carries the joy of singing, the vibration, and the authenticity of the voice.

In addition to this, you need to know more about it.

It addresses the depth of each one and summons the power of the group.

She saw her music as food for the soul.

Each song creates a climate, a journey and a story ...

Each concert is unique even if the framework is written, the length of the songs is knit with reality in the service of the imaginary at work.

Accompanied by her Indian harmonium, a shamanic drum and a sanza and small percussions, she lets the climates swell, the energy rise, the song becomes wild, poetry invades space and grabs us.

Ethnic songs embroidered with magic, philosophical stories of our humanity at the crossroads of senses and sensations, a Sowa show is the crossing of a sensitive experience.

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